Mexican television personality known for her proposal to Tom Brady, who allegedly embezzled billions of pesos


A well-known Mexican television host is fleeing from domestic authorities for embezzling nearly 3 billion pesos from the Mexican Interior Ministry.

According to local media, Ines Gomez Mon, along with her lawyer’s husband, Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga, ran out of about $ 146 million from the Mexican government between 2016 and 2017.

On September 10, a federal judge issued an arrest warrant. The two managed to flee Mexico before police detained them, leaving their whereabouts unknown.

The Attorney General’s Office in Mexico is calling on Interpol to issue their arrest warrants in an attempt to lock in couples from a potential global investigation. Under that warrant (known as the Red Notice), authorities around the world will be part of the Mexican government’s search efforts by helping them find their place.

Just before Gomez Mon fled the country, she wrote on Instagram that she and her husband “did not have access to the warrant or the evidence to justify it.”

“We are facing this process and are preparing to exercise all our rights,” she added.

The couple are guilty of money laundering, manipulating resources of illegal origin, and embezzlement. People reported that if captured and convicted, the pair would face 20 to 60 years in prison.

In Mexico, Gomezmon is the main talk show and deputy reporter for sports. In the United States, she was notorious when she proposed to Tom Brady at the 2008 Super Bowl XLII.

“You will be beautiful and anyone who has the opportunity to marry you will be lucky,” Brady told her and rejected the proposal.