Mexico discovers 3 million ammunition in the largest bust ever

Mexico City (AP) — Mexican troops and state guards found about 3 million ammunition and at least 16 fully automatic belt-type machine guns this week in several homes in Sonora’s Northern Borders province. Said.

The Pentagon said the seizure was the largest illegal ammunition delivery in recent memory in Mexico.

During the raids on Tuesday and Wednesday, sufficient ammunition was found in the city of Navojoa to supply battalion-sized troops. Navojoa is a crossroads town in southern Sonora, hundreds of miles from the US border.

Sonora was a scene of a bloody lawn battle between a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel and a gangster who had allied with Rafael Caro Quintello, a fugitive drug trafficker.

According to the authorities, the total amount of material seized was 2.83 million, 14,722 magazines and 128 rifles of different calibers. They also said there were 6 .50 rifles and 19 machine guns, of which at least 16 seemed to be belted.