Mexico expects a stream of “continuously growing” immigrants

Mexico City (AP) —Mexico’s top diplomat said Thursday that his country anticipates a “continuously growing” immigrant stream over the next few years, and the United States spends $ 2 billion a year on development assistance to stop the tide. Estimated to have to spend.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Evrad said Mexico has proposed investment in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and hopes that the United States will participate in the effort. These three Central American countries send the most immigrants to the southern borders of the United States.

“From different perspectives on the region, especially from the perspectives of demographic and economics, the flow is constant and it is clear that it will grow over the next few years,” says Evrad.

“The United States needs to allocate $ 2 billion annually to development in these countries in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador,” he added.

The US Border Guard had 168,195 encounters with immigrants last month, the highest since March 2001.

Mexico is reluctant to regain a Central American family with young children, especially in Tamaulipas, which borders the Rio Grande Valley, and many of them were released in the United States while the allegations were being considered by immigration authorities. it was done.