Mexico says gangsters killed indigenous leaders with protest tolls

Mexico City (AP) — Sonora, a border area in northern Mexico, said criminal groups killed Yaqui rights leaders on Monday as indigenous groups wanted money raised from a highway blockage. Stated.

Thomas Rojo Valencia in months to protest the gas ducts, water pipelines and railroads that the Yaquis run across their territory without consulting them or giving them much benefit. He disappeared in the tension of regular blockages.

Sonora prosecutor Claudia Contreras said Rojo Valencia was trying to raise money for the indigenous community by setting up a tollhouse on the main road through the Yaqui territory.

Clearly money was behind the murder of Rojo Valencia.

The criminal group was “interested in the illegal benefits of billing on the highway,” Contreras said.

Prosecutors said Rojo Valencia’s body was found half buried in a rural area near the Yaqui town of Bikam.

Contreras said police were led to a gang after discovering a secret gun repair workshop that was clearly associated with a criminal group. He said a man had been arrested on murder charges.

Businessmen and truck drivers complain that Yaqui obstacles are having a serious impact on the movement of raw materials and exports, and protesters sometimes abuse or demand money to allow passage. He said he did. In February, a truck driver cultivated Yaqui’s obstacles and beat and killed members of the group.

Mexico has recently faced major problems with protest groups hijacking existing tollhouses, setting highway blockages, and demanding drivers to continue. In 2020, industry insiders said that as many as 20 tollhouses nationwide were seized by such protests on a particular day, and the group estimated that it would probably spend about $ 150 million a year.

In late 2020, President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador launched an attack on the highway takeover, which apparently did not include the Yaqui blockade, but sent the National Guard and police to wipe out many of them. ..

Lopez Obrador has made his special project to bring justice to Mexico’s most persecuted indigenous group, the Yaquis.

The Yaquis stubbornly fought the Mexican government’s brutal campaign to eliminate tribes in the late 1800s and early 1900s. However, they were largely defeated by 1900, and dictator Porfirio Diaz moved them from fertile farmlands to low-value areas or to virtual enslavement of Hacienda, the easternmost part of Yucatan. Dictatorship.

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