Mexico says the U.S. Secretary of Energy will visit, and electricity market concerns are being watched

Mexico City — US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm will visit Mexico this week for talks, and Andres Manuel Lopez said the government’s planned review of Mexico’s electricity market could be on the agenda. -President Obrador said on Monday.

The United States has expressed concern about the initiative Lopez Obrador is advocating to strengthen state control of the electricity market at the expense of private companies.

Lopez Obrador said the topic would not be off the table and highlighted possible discussions about the changes in the power industry proposed during a visit by Granholm to meet him with the Mexican Foreign Minister and Minister of Energy.

A left-wing nationalist leader said, “If necessary, let me know about the reforms, or if she wants to know my opinion, I’ll be happy to give it to her.”

An initiative to be discussed in the Mexican Parliament in the coming weeks surprised private investors, and the US ambassador said Washington had “serious concerns” about it.

Lopez Obrador claims that the former Mexican government tampered with the energy sector in favor of private capital to harm consumers and Mexico’s state-owned energy company.

The Mexican president also said he would like to thank the United States for approving the acquisition of Royal Dutch Shell’s Texas-based Deer Park refinery by Mexican state-owned oil company (Petroleos Mexicanos) Pemex.