Mexico’s Tulum Resort has been hit another way: overdevelopment

Mexico City (AP) — Mexican environmental officials said Tuesday that a resort in Tulum, the Caribbean, had approved too much development.

Unlike Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Tulum has long been a quiet haven and is best known for its Maya temples by the Caribbean beaches. However, the resort has expanded into the low jungle around it, and there has been much controversy over beachside properties.

The Federal Environment Agency said Tulum has passed a zoning code that “changes land use to promote and permit urban growth and real estate development while adversely affecting ecosystems.”

He said the area’s zoning code was unacceptable and added that logging under the code would be considered illegal and action would be taken against criminals.

The ministry also said it was aiming to overturn the zoning code.

In another Blackeye, four Tulum police officers were ordered to go to trial last week after a woman in El Salvador died in detention. A few days after her death, a foreign woman was injured in a shooting in Tulum.

Over the weekend, Quintana Roo officials released all Tulum police officers and sent them to retrain for systematically violating detention procedures.

Governor Carlos Joaquin admitted that the death of a woman “has caused a great deal of damage to Quintana Roo’s image.”

Victoria Esperanza Salazar died on March 27, after a police woman was seen kneeling on her back while three male police officers were watching. She was reported to be upset in the store.

Quintana Roo prosecutor Oscar Montesdeoka confirmed by autopsy that the fracture of Salazar’s neck “consisted with the obedience operation applied to the victim during detention,” and used the disproportionate use of force by police. Said showed.

This scene is reminiscent of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in 2020. Floyd was declared dead after a white policeman pressed his knee against a black man’s neck for about nine minutes and then held his position after Floyd dragged his leg.