Mi 11 series users who encounter Wi-Fi problems can apply to the official for testing and replacement


小米 11

Mi 11

Since the launch of the Mi 11 series, many users have reported that they have encountered the problem that the Wi-Fi function cannot be used normally.Regarding this situation, there have been complaints from the people before, and the official has not moved. Until today, Xiaomi finally gave an officialTreatment plan. Earlier, they announced that they would provide a service to replace new phones after testing for Xiaomi 11 and its series products that have “special Wi-Fi problems”. If there are other quality problems after the replacement, the factory will still comply with the principles of 7-day failure return, 15-day replacement, and 1-year warranty. If there is a Wi-Fi failure again, consumers can choose to return the phone or change it again.

In addition, Xiaomi will also give a half-year extension of warranty to users who have not encountered problems but have “concerns” who have not encountered problems, and the latter need to apply for it themselves (Should not all models involved be automatically extended for half a year… ). Users in need, it is best to contact Xiaomi’s after-sales service as soon as possible.