MI5 states that there is a “growing synergy” between the far right and Insel’s ideology.


“There is a growing synergy between Insel and the ERWT (far-right terrorism) ideology,” MI5 officials told an influential committee of parliamentarians.

Intelligence and Security Commission Report (pdf) Said, “Most involuntary singles (Insel) are non-violent or criminal and their activities will not meet the MI5 terrorist threshold.”

However, MI5 points out that Elliot Rodger, who shot and killed six people in Isla Vista, California in 2014, is an example of Inseltero because his crime was “aimed at social change.” did.

Roger left a 137-page manifesto, vowing to “punish everyone who is sexually active,” but also elaborated on why he wanted to start a “war with women.”

Last month, another Insel, Alec Minassian, was imprisoned in Canada for 20 years after killing eight women and two men in a rental van in downtown Toronto in April 2018.

Epoch Times Photo
Police officers blocked the scene in Toronto, Canada. There, Alec Minassian (pictured right on LinkedIn’s profile) crashed a van rented on April 24, 2018 into dozens of shoppers. (EpochTimes / Linkedin)

Minasian went to 4Chan’s bulletin board and posted a “manifest” shortly before driving the van to shoppers on the pavement. The “manifest” says: C23249161. The Insel rebellion has already begun! We defeat all Chad and Stacy! Everyone welcomes the best gentleman Elliot Rodger! “

In July last year, 21-year-old Tres Genco, who was certified as Insel, was charged with carrying a machine gun in Ohio and planning a mass shooting of a female college student.

In a Commission report released Wednesday, MI5 Secretary Ken McCallum “be careful not to overemphasize the link between Insel’s terrorist activity and EWRT.”

MI5 “Struggle to give a sense of strategic trends”

McCallum said: “Currently, we don’t see huge crossovers (using ERWT) to this area, but there are crossovers. It happened from time to time, but in a slightly strange way, here’s a strategic trend. I think it will be difficult to give you a sense of. “

“There is a great deal of overlap between the growing online misogyny community (sometimes called the” manosphere “) and the ideology of right-wing extremists,” Jacob Davey of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue told the Commission.

In the evidence to the Commission, MI5 states: “The story of Insel and the White Supremacist is the spirit of the victim, misogyny, intriguing thinking (female, feminist, liberal, Jewish community). Therefore, the duplication of dissatisfaction between Insel and the right wing is not unexpected.”

The report concluded that the threat of far-right terrorism was in an “upward trajectory” and that military personnel were often regarded as potential recruits.

The Commission, chaired by Conservative Julian Lewis, said: “Far-right terrorists often show an interest in military culture, weapons, the military or law enforcement agencies …. This leads to both individuals seeking to join the military and groups seeking to hire within the military. . “

“The fact that the military has not given clear instructions to service personnel regarding the membership of any organization, not to mention extremist organizations,” the report added, “it would seem like something unusual.”

In January 2020, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Center predicted: [in March 2019, when 51 people were killed at two mosques in New Zealand].. “

Then, in June 2021, the Homeland Security Group said: Threats can increase over the next five years, and the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 can be the driving force behind the increase in threats. “

The report also provides some evidence of Russia’s state support for the UK’s radical right-wing group, which is likely to be driven by “bids to foster division and increase socio-political discord.” Said there was.

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