Miami Condo Victim Brothers Grief But Not Desperate


Fort Lauderdale, Florida (AP) — He gave his DNA, frequently talked to coroners and search teams, reluctantly visited the location of a collapsed surfside condo, and what was done to find his sister. I checked for myself if it was there. ..

However, Ikey Hedaya has not been closed yet. Almost a month after the 12-story building collapsed into a rubble mountain, a few lucky people fled a cloud of choking dust, killing at least 97 people and leaving 54-year-old Estelle Hedaya the only missing person. Appeared to be a victim of. Identified on Thursday.

Her best friend, lawyer, and fellow New Yorker Linda March were finally identified on Wednesday night, even though her body was discovered more than two weeks ago. But Hedaya’s sister, party life, and travel enthusiasts who just bought a red Lexus to celebrate their weight loss and career success remain unexplained.

“It’s hard to believe,” he said. “My sister is the last person.”

At first, he hesitated to visit the twisted steel and concrete lumps of the site, wondering about his sister’s last moment. Her balcony and living room were still eerily intact. That was too much, and Brooklyn’s 47-year-old real estate tax accountant immediately looked back.

“I can’t believe Esther is somewhere. I didn’t want to think,” he said.

However, at the recommendation of his childhood best friend, now Rabbi, they recently returned to the scene again to pray. This time, the rubble was almost gone and the collapse site was almost flat. That is the image he holds.

There is much to think about for this deeply religious man who is firmly rooted in his Jewish faith. What is waiting is torture, and he is grieving, but not hopeless.

“I know God took care of her,” he told The Associated Press in a series of interviews Wednesday and Thursday.

The older brother said he was drawing power from God, as he saw when his sister was in trouble. He also believes that God chose her, and that “it was her time.”

He felt Esther’s change six to eight months before the collapse and had just met her in May.

“She always referred to God whenever she was suffering from something,” he said. “She had reached a different level mentally, so she was able to perform well in all other areas.”

Even her boss and friends agreed, Estelle had the knack for taking life’s hardships and squeezing out something positive. Beauty from ashes. That’s what her brother believes will happen now after this tragedy, where hundreds of relatives, friends and colleagues are sad and pondering many questions. Why them? Why is this building?

He said it was natural to mourn, mourn, and cry.

“Unleash everything and don’t fight, but I pray that power will begin to move forward,” he said.

Even if it was a baby’s step, he encouraged other sad families to “shift positively” into their time as a way to “open themselves for blessings.” It was.

“In these times, we have the power to unlock all sorts of things that aren’t normally available,” he said.

He says at the end of this Wednesday after a day of frustration, another day when he says nothing about his sister, another long story with a coroner, and a conversation that includes a painful and reminiscent conversation at the last moment. It was. He also has to remain strong when renewing older parents.

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said Wednesday night that the post-collapse search on June 24 was hampered by fire, water and other obstacles, and further identification of the victims was a pathologist’s “technical and scientific process.” He said he was heavily dependent on.

“The weight of the collapse and the immense pressure over time also makes it more challenging,” she said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Estelle Hedaya’s friends often meet to talk about their dear friends. Ria Sutton said Esther and Linda March celebrated most holidays and birthdays with her family.

“It’s very sad to never laugh again,” said Sutton, a Miami mom who knew Esther from birth.

“A really awesome fearless girl. She was able to go on vacation alone and make all the new friends,” she said.

Since Ikey Hedaya came to Florida, some of Estelle’s friends wanted to track him down and tell him how his sister affected their lives.

“There will be good things to pay homage to her. She will be responsible for all kinds of blessings and happiness,” he said in a blog that records her travel, fitness tips and favorite spas. Said about his sister who had “Follow The Toes”.

“When you look at yourself as a result and think about all the people in the world who are trying to improve in some way, it’s all in Estelle,” he said. “It’s very powerful.”