Miami-Dade Deputy Mayor and Broward County Mayor Jack Osterholt dies at age 71

Jack Osterholt, Veteran administrative officer He died on Friday, April 2, in South Florida, where he worked at the top of two county governments. He was 71 years old.

Urban planner Osterholt landed a senior position in Gob’s office at the time. Bob Graham in 1979, then a career in the South Florida Government and 50 years of consulting.

He ran the Broward County Government as mayor in the 1990s, overseeing a series of land acquisition and construction projects, including transactions leading to the creation of the county’s current performance hall, hockey arena, and homeless shelter.

His consulting business included the city of Miami as a client when he worked for then-mayor Carlos Guimenez in the 2000s. When Guimenez was elected Mayor of Miami-Dade in 2011, he hired Osterholt as Deputy Mayor. This is the position that Osterholt held until Guimenez resigned in November.

Deputy Mayor of Miami-Dade under Carlos Guimenez

“He was visionary — always positive and able to do it. Republican Rep. Guimenez, who represents Florida’s 26th district, said Oster, a lifelong Democrat with a rescue dog named Clinton. He talked about Holt. Osterholt was “a good friend.”

A colleague described Osterholt as being in a room that was most likely to lighten up during a tense meeting. “No matter how bad it may be, he will always find a way to make a wise crack that makes us laugh,” said Ed Marquez, Deputy Mayor of Guimenez.

At a 2014 hearing, the county commissioner complained about the non-compromise in the county’s environmental resources management department overseen by Osterholt.His response: “We got them, so they don’t. always Say no. “

Born April 9, 1949 in Louisville, Kentucky, Bernard John Osterholt was the son of Bernard John and Amber Osterholt. He graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in political science in 1970 and a master’s degree in urban planning from Georgia Institute of Technology three years later.

His family owned a Chevrolet dealership in Kentucky. Osterholt was temporarily run when his father died in the late 1970s. Osterholt was a lifelong car enthusiast who rode motorcycles as a teenager. His favorite is the white Porsche, which he found in a barn in Kentucky and then shared space with some chickens for repairs. When Osterholt got a job at Gimenez in Miami, he switched to a hybrid car to save fuel on his commute.

For years, Osterholt was a weekend guitar player and owned dozens of instruments. Some adorned his 29th-floor office in the courthouse.

Earlier last year, Osterholt and his wife Lynn Hawke headed to the Golden Cockatoo store in Deerfield Beach to buy a parrot named Mimo, who joined four dogs at her Hollywood home.

“As long as Jack was busy, he was happy,” Hawk said. “He loved his job and certainly didn’t want to quit.”

Worked for then governor Bob Graham

Osterholt held a land planning position at a government agency in Louisville and then South Florida. He then joined the Graham administration and worked on policy and budget issues, including overseeing 130 staff as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

These posts led to Osterholt’s first major work in the Miami region. South Florida Regional Planning Council.. He led the agency from 1986 to 1991, and the board of directors held approvals for large-scale developments from Monroe County to Broward. One of the projects that got final approval under Osterholt was Joe Robbie’s plan. For the new Miami Dolphins Stadium On land that was not incorporated at the time in northern Dade County.

The Broward Commissioner appointed him as the county’s administrator in 1991. This is the position he held for six years. Relations eventually deteriorated, and Osterholt resigned under pressure in 1997, but his tenure included approval for a groundbreaking expansion of the county facility.

Leaving Broward after signing with Swerdlow

This includes an agreement leading to the construction of Fort Lauderdale’s new homeless shelter, the Florida Panthers Hockey Team’s arena, the Browward Performing Arts Center, in the face of fierce resistance from the neighborhood, and a $ 120 million land transaction. It was. With developer Michael Swerdlow Property near Port Everglades.

Its transactions, including county land exchanges and accusations Broward paid a lotLeaded to Osterholt’s break with several commissioners and his departure to become a government consultant. “He was bold enough not to worry about the risk of doing what he believed to be right,” said Ron Book, a longtime Florida lobbyist who was a friend of Osterholt.

In retrospect, fans say the 1997 agreement secured the future of the Port Everglades, even if Broward would pay the highest amount on the land.

“If you know you need wharf land for future cargo activities, you need to get it. And we did. He did it,” Oster said in the 1990s. Versa Henry, the current mayor of Broward, who was first hired by Holt, said. “Then we were able to become a true player in the freight business.”

Osterholt was not held as Supreme Adjutant by the new mayor after Guimenez resigned, Daniela Levin Cava.. She moved him to the position of Resilience Planning and Policy Manager, appointed one of his deputies, Lourdes Gomez, as Director of Regulatory Economic Resources, and the Osterholt Division operated as Deputy Mayor.

“He had a kind heart”

Gomez said in a statement that Osterholt “had a talented heart, a great sense of humor, and above all, a kind heart.”

“He always saw the big picture,” she said. “And I challenged all of us to think differently.”

Osterholt, along with his wife, survived by his son, John Perrin Osterholt, in New York. Ryan Hawks, the stepson of Lebanon Township, New Jersey, died in 2019. My sister Lynn Osterholt died in 2019. Osterholt’s first wife, Darlene Smith Osterholt, died in 2007.

There are no public services planned for Osterholt, who was recently hospitalized for long-term heart disease. His son said Osterholt wanted to donate in his name to a non-profit organization in Broward County that was important to him.

“One of my dad’s most proud achievements was working on the development of the Broward County Homeless Support Center,” he said. Broward Partnership.. ” Broward County Humane Society It was also important to him as it was also the place where his 13-year-old dog Clinton was adopted. “

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