Miami Herald editorial says Governor DeSantis ‘flirting’ with Christian nationalism, warns of white supremacist ties


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks during a press conference at the Cox Science Center & Aquarium in West Palm Beach, Florida, June 8, 2022.Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  • An editorial in the Miami Herald criticizes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ “Christian Nationalist antics”.

  • The publication warned that Christian nationalism, which is gaining popularity in the Republican Party, is linked to white supremacy.

  • The editorial concluded that Democrats must do more to counter Christian nationalist rhetoric.

The Miami Herald is editorial He criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for “playing with Christian nationalism” and warned that it overlapped with white supremacy.

DeSantis and Other Conservative Leaders Congressman Lauren Boebert When Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greenrecently advertised christian nationalist Idea – A political ideology that claims there is an essential link between being American and being Christian.

one of the most influential daily newspapers widely read Noting that DeSantis evoked images of Christian warfare, the state said in a recent speech:

Republicans like DeSantis have found a “political gold mine” by pitting Christians against “so-called left-wing evils” such as LGBTQ people and “awakened” teachers, the paper said.

But the newspaper’s editorial board warned that Christian nationalism could have dangerous allure beyond mere religion.

The editorial said, “The overlap between Christian nationalism and white supremacy with nostalgia for our ‘Anglo-Protestant’ past cannot be overlooked,” noting that many devout Christians believed centuries ago It points out that black people were enslaved.

The article also cites recent dataThe paper, presented by Robert P. Jones, director of the Public Religion Research Institute, states that “the more racist a person’s attitude, the more likely that person is to identify as a white Christian.” It suggests that

Christian nationalism isn’t just about religion, says Ryan Barge, a professor at Eastern Illinois University who studies the intersection of religion and political activism.

Burge said the fascination is also related to a nostalgia for a time when traditional values ​​weren’t questioned.

The newspaper said DeSantis’ embrace of Christian nationalism will have an eye on the 2024 Republican presidential primary, as Florida, which won by a “very thin” margin in 2018, has long been considered a purple state. He suggested that he was pointing towards it.

The paper also criticizes Democrats for failing to come up with effective counter-arguments against politicians like DeSantis that don’t demonize religion or be seen as proselytizing. .

“If DeSantis is telling his followers to fight to shape the country to their religious tastes, then this rhetoric not only incites violence but can undermine Christianity itself. There should be counterarguments that there is sexuality,” the editorial said.

“The governor’s Christian nationalist conspiracy will only set us apart,” the paper said, adding that Democrats would “strike back more boldly and voters who feel the party has nothing to say on matters of religion and faith.” must be brought back to the tent,” he added. they. “

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