Miami Herald shreds Ron de Santis over the latest vaccine claims: “Profile of Selfishness”

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis‘The latest comments on the (R) COVID-19 vaccine have received harsh criticism from the Miami Herald Editorial Board. A bitter essay..

Desantis continued to experience a surge of highly contagious delta variants last week, so receiving a shot is “about your health and whether you need it protection” and “doesn’t affect me or anyone else.” Insisted.

The newspaper board called on DeSantis, a prominent apologist for Donald Trump and a potential candidate for 2024, for “rejecting the role of the vaccine in reducing community spread.”

“Would you like to affect anyone else? Talk about your selfish profile,” he wrote.

The role of Shot is actually “the opposite of what he says” because the COVID-19 epidemic is “a community problem, and solving it begins with the vaccine.”

The board said DeSantis had already banned schools from requiring the use of face masks and fought a cruise line company that required passengers to be vaccinated.

Read the full editorial here.

This article was originally published HuffPost Was updated.

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