Miami Private School Centner Academy does not hire vaccinated teachers or staff

A private school with two campuses in Miami warns staff not to take a vaccine that prevents COVID-19, does not hire vaccinated people, and misinformation about the potential risk of vaccination. Said that it would not spread.

Centerner Academy, with campuses in the Design District and Edgewater, emailed parents on Monday with policies for teachers and staff. Announcement, First reported by The New York TimesSome parents, teachers, and medical professionals were surprised because they were presented as facts without quoting scientific evidence.

Leila Sentner, who co-founded the school with her husband David Sentner, said that vaccinated people could harm others, especially the “genital system, childbirth, normal growth and development of women and children.” Warned, “I may be telling something from my body.” “

In an email, Centner admitted that the information was “new and not yet investigated.” Still, she asked non-COVID vaccinated employees to wait until the end of the school year. She also recommended that faculty and staff refrain from injections “until further research is needed on whether this experimental drug affects unvaccinated individuals.”

“It is our policy as much as possible not to hire people who have received experimental COVID-19 injections until more information is available,” Centner wrote in an email to his parents.

State records show that the Centner Academy was incorporated in 2018. According to the information provided on the website, the school has about 300 students and the tuition fee for junior high school is $ 30,000 per year.

The e-mail statement to Herald raises concerns related to the vaccine, but does not support the allegations with scientific evidence or peer-reviewed studies and is intended to track vaccine-related deaths. Only links to unofficial websites.

“Not everyone agrees with this topic, but it’s the philosophy of the Centner Academy, shared by many teachers and parents,” the statement said. Leila Centner did not respond to a direct request for comment.

Alhia Molina (21), Neila Granzoti Rudden (40) and Bianca Erickson (45) look at the moment of meditation during a preview of the Centner Academy as the Miami Design District School on August 21, 2019. Close.

Alhia Molina (21), Neila Granzoti Rudden (40) and Bianca Erickson (45) look at the moment of meditation during a preview of the Centner Academy as the Miami Design District School on August 21, 2019. Close.

Centner told faculty and staff last week that he had decided to adopt the new policy with a “very heavy heart.” She cites reasons rooted in false information about why vaccines are dangerous. “I was forced to take action,” she added.

“I strongly believe in freedom of health and” my body, my choice “so do not prevent employees from choosing COVID-19 vaccination before April 21, 2021. I did, “she wrote. “But recently, there have been reports that unvaccinated people have been adversely affected by interacting with vaccinated people.”

Centner asked the already vaccinated staff to report it to the school and maintain a physical distance from the students. She also required all employees to fill out a confidential form and disclose the information.

Eileen Marty, a doctor and infectious disease specialist, will help public health officials curb the spread of the virus by disseminating false information about the COVID vaccine without quoting scientific evidence or medical professionals. Said that many of the messages behind the attempted measures could be reduced. With Wertheim Medical College, Florida International University.

Marty said he read the email to his parents and felt “very sad.” According to Marty, this was written by the school’s co-founder, so if there is no evidence that an individual vaccinated with the COVID vaccine poses a risk of “infecting something from the body” that could harm others. Parents may think that this statement is supported by science.

“It gives the illusion that she is factual,” Marty said of the letter. “But there is no citation, no doctor or scientist whose name is spelled out there. No reference. Nothing. No scientific evidence provided. There is. Is just rumors. In reality, the science behind these claims is zero. “

Marty said unfounded statements, such as those circulated in the letter, could create a spillover effect of ignorance and undo much of the work that public health authorities are doing to control the spread of the virus. Added.

“If they believe it, and they share this big lie, it will have a terrifying impact on our entire community,” she said.

COVID-19 continues to spread in Florida.Health Department reported more 3,500 new cases Of Monday’s illness, including over 760 in Miami-Dade. School leaders oppose public health officials’ recommended precautions as new infectious diseases, hospitalizations, and deaths from the disease have skyrocketed and declined across the state since the pandemic began in the spring of 2019. A former employee of the school said.

A former teacher at the Centner Academy told Miami Herald in September that there was little social distance or mask wear among staff during a compulsory mask order in Miami-Dade County. Teachers said Leila Sentner disseminated false information about the coronavirus and masks in group chats between teachers.

In an email to parents on Monday, Leila Centner was one of the first schools to be closed due to the March 2019 pandemic and the first to be reopened for face-to-face learning on September 8. Said it was one of the schools. I collected data and studied my research, “she wrote in a letter. “At that time, the survival rate of the children was 99.9974%, and it turned out that they were not superspreaders.”

Since then, schools have experienced confusion between teachers and managers.

Leila and David Sentner have returned from New York to David’s hometown of Miami to raise their two daughters. David Sentner and his wife Leila, a businessman who graduated from Coral Park High School and worked at Frankie’s Pizza, sold their property by selling their company Highway Toll Administration for a private amount. I made.

Dissatisfied with the school education options available locally, they opened the Sentner Academy in the Design District in 2019 as the first “happiness school”. “Medical freedom from mandatory vaccines” is prominently displayed on the school’s website.

School fees are $ 15,160 for part-time Pre-K 2 and $ 24,500 per year for K-5 grade students. The Pre-K campus is in its original location in the Design District, and the primary and junior high school campuses are in the former ASPIRA Charter School location.

The couple said several students from the surrounding area attended school on scholarships. The school also offers teachers the opportunity to live in a house near the school, owned by Centners and lowering rent.

The school has chiropractors on staff to coordinate students and staff, using crystals to practice mindfulness among students.

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