Miami Springs Acquires New Mayor and Two New Council Members After Election

Real-life Jackie Bravo and Victor Vásquez, a professor of history at Miami Dade College, defeated their enemies in an election in Miami Springs on Tuesday to win a seat in the city council and choose not to seek reelection. Won without objection.

Informally, Bravo defeated Miami Springs longtime resident Vivian Islaray with 55% of the votes. Results posted after 7pm According to the Miami-Dade election department. Vazquez easily won 70% of the votes against Vincent Medell, president of the Miami Springs Republican Club.

About 9,500 registered voters in the city cast just over 2,000 votes, with a turnout of about 22%.

Bravo will replace councilor Maria Puente Mitchell, who ran without opposition to the mayor. She will replace Mayor Billy Bain for a limited time.

Incumbent councilors Bob Best and Walter Fadget also ran without opposition.

New members will be pledged at the council next Monday. This is the last meeting for Bain and councilor Xavier Garcia, who were appointed after Jaime Petralanda resigned from running for the school board last year. Vasquez takes a seat in Garcia.

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