Miami temperatures could break records. How extreme will it be?what the forecast says

do you feel the heat? you right away

“Temperatures are going to rise,” said CBS Miami meteorologist Lysette Gonzalez.

South Florida will see temperatures soar into the mid-80s this week, along with high humidity and baking bread. Gonzalez said Wednesday and Friday will be hot enough to “catch record heatwaves.”

“Temperatures at this time of year will be well above normal,” according to the National Weather Service’s forecast discussion.

The ovens were turned up on Monday and the forecast was for 80 degrees by noon and low 80s by mid-afternoon, she said. will be

And even if it rains, it won’t be much cooler, according to Miami’s National Weather Service. According to the weather forecast, the sun will be the main player all week and the nights will be mostly clear.

But the heat doesn’t last forever.

Afternoon highs are likely to dip below 80 degrees, with overnight lows dropping into the 60s into Sunday.