Michael Cohen advises Mary Trump on how to backfire his uncle’s $ 100 million proceedings.


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Michael Cohen (L), Donald Trump (R) Getty / Getty

  • Donald Trump is suing his niece Mary Trump and The New York Times for his tax coverage.

  • Michael Cohen suggested that the proceedings could backfire if Donald Trump was forced to take testimony.

  • Cohen said his former boss’s testimony was “the stupidest document you’ve ever seen.”

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Michael Cohen, a former private lawyer and corrector for Donald Trump, suggested that Mary Trump could backfire her uncle’s “ridiculous” proceedings by having him take testimony. ..

Former president Sued his niece, The New York Times and three reporters For $ 100 million for a paper survey of his tax records.

“If I were Mary Trump and her lawyer, I wouldn’t look back and fight this, but answer the complaint, look for the deposition, and look for discovery,” Cohen said. Said. MSNBC Saturday.

“Sure one thing, and I’ve read dozens of Donald Trump’s Depositions, so they’re the most ridiculous papers you’ve ever seen. Nothing makes sense. Everything makes sense. It’s circular. “

Michael Cohen he is now Proceedings against Trump organization And he demanded Trump’s testimony, but his lawyer refused.

“They categorically insist that he doesn’t want to sit down for testimony because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The lie he said yesterday,” Cohen said.

Michael Cohen is currently under house arrest for the last few months of a three-year imprisonment after pleading guilty to several felony charges in 2018.

Trump proceedings Opposition to Mary Trump revolves around an 18-month survey of Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times finances.

The proceedings alleged that the newspaper had persuaded Mary Trump to “smuggle records from her law firm and hand them over to the Times,” which violated a nondisclosure agreement.

Mary Trump, a candid critic of her uncle, Her uncle is a “fucking loser” I sued her.

“It’s hopeless. The wall is approaching and he’s throwing something that sticks to the wall. As with Donald, he tries to change the subject,” she said.

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