Michael Cohen curses after Bill Barr submits proceedings

Former President Donald TrumpFormer individual lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen Abuse Bill burr In a tweet after the former Attorney General was provided with a dissertation on Cohen last week Proceedings against him..

Cohen’s lawyer, Andrew Lofer, tweeted that the bar “did not look happy” when served at home on Thursday.

Cohen sued Trump, Barr, and prison officials in federal court in Manhattan last month, claiming that home arrest, which began in May 2020, was suspended a few weeks later due to a coronavirus pandemic. Retaliation for all the books he wrote About playing cards. After that, Cohen was imprisoned in a cell for 16 days and the proceedings were told.

Home arrest was revoked when Cohen refused to sign an agreement that would prevent him from using social media or publishing books.

His proceedings, his efforts to crush his books, are in “one example of a long line of retaliation” taken by Trump, his family and associates “in the weaponization of his administration against his enemies.” Claims not too much.

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein He later ordered the government to return Cohen to house arrest. Hellerstein said the lawyer’s remand to prison “wants Cohen to publish a book critical of the president and exercise the right of Article 1 of the Constitutional Amendment to discuss the book on social media. I will retaliate accordingly. “

Cohen Finished his three-year sentence In the case of an election fund breach that lied to Congress and other crimes in November.

Cohen’s proceedings seek damages for “extreme physical and psychological harm” and infringement of his First Amendment rights.

On Sunday, Cohen told MSNBC that Trump and Bar need to be held accountable for their actions. (See the video above.)

The bar could not be contacted immediately due to comments. Trump has not yet filed a proceeding.

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