Michael Cohen explodes after bragging about Trump’s latest intelligence

Donald Trump’s One-time individual lawyer Michael Cohen His ex-boss became healthy on Sunday after again boasting that he had passed the intelligence test at the White House, which is actually an assessment for checking for cognitive impairment.

And that was just one of Trump’s “ridiculous, ridiculous” things at a political rally in Ohio on Saturday. Madas Touch PAC.

Trump told the crowd that he had been tested in 2018 to prove he was smarter than a “far-left maniac.”

As it is Repeated explanation in the mediaIt’s actually Montreal cognitive assessmentIt is designed to detect things like early signs of dementia, not intelligence. The question is simple: for example, ask if the subject identifies the camel and remembers five words. In the case of playing cards, “People, women, men, cameras, tv— He showed what he could do on TV.

Cohen ridicules Trump’s five words, and reciting them isn’t just as wonderful and impressive.

“Only you, you, and you were surprised,” he snapped. But, “No one actually called you.”

Cohen wondered if Trump had such an impressive IQ, why he had to write a letter warning all Trump schools not to publish his grades or test scores. Did you have to?

Cohen also asked why people still go to Trump’s rally. “Are you watching a shit show? How to see a clown carnival barker?” He asked.

Cohen ended up with a plea that he wanted everyone to vote.

“I know the guy better than anyone, and rest assured, this guy doesn’t belong to the White House,” he said.

Check it out here:

Trump bragged about his intellect in the same speech he forgot the name of the new social media platform, calling it “Troth Sential.”

He got it later, but it was a kind of rant he would have been screaming Joe BidenThe resignation made the president say it.

Here’s how Trump passed his test:

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