Michael Cohen is suing the U.S. government for $ 20 million, claiming that the Trump Department of Justice has returned him to jail for refusing to stop writing about his ex-boss.

Michael cohen

Michael Cohen leaves federal court in New York. AP Photo / Mary Altafer

  • Michael Cohen was imprisoned in 2018 but was allowed to finish his sentence at home in May 2020.

  • Two months later, Cohen was returned to prison.

  • Cohen is currently suing the United States for punishing him for writing a book about Trump by the Trump Department of Justice.

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Michael Cohen has sued the US government for $ 20 million in damages, accusing the Donald Trump administration of sending him back to jail for writing a critical book about the former president.

Cohen, a former lawyer and corrector for Trump, 3 years in prison In December 2018, after he was convicted of a series of crimes, including lying to Congress.

After the COVID-19 outbreak at Cohen Prison in upstate New York, Cohen Released by layoff In May 2020, he was allowed to spend the rest of his sentence under house arrest in Manhattan.

However, during negotiations on the terms of his confinement in July, Cohen returned to jail After refusing to agree to the terms of his imprisonment.

Cohen is his book on Trump, Ranny Davis, Cohen’s companion, Told Mother Jones..

Cohen’s book “Disloyal” was finally published in September and A bitter anecdote About playing cards.For one thing, Cohen explained that he would catch Trump. Staring at his teenage daughter, And ask: “When did she get so hot?”

The Trump Organization reportedly sent Cohen a cease and desist letter alleging the writing of the book to prison. Violated nondisclosure agreement with Cohen’s company..

While returning to prison, Cohen appealed the government’s decision and Judge granted release in late July.. Cohen has been under house arrest since then and will be fully sentenced in November of this year.

On Friday, Cohen sued the U.S. government for $ 20 million in damages, NBC News reported.

In the complaint, Cohen said he had endured “emotional pain and suffering, mental pain and loss of freedom” after being returned to prison, NBC News reported.

According to Cohen, government officials have “wrong arrests, false imprisonments, process abuse, illegal confinement, and retaliation” against Cohen.

Jeffrey Levine, a lawyer at Kohen, said in a statement released by NBC News: It’s not too far before we realize that such unacceptable, unconstitutional acts can be directed at any of us. “

“It’s not an exaggeration, it’s unacceptable.”

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

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