Michael Flynn Becomes Complete Tin Foil Hat with Bonker New COVID-19 Theory


Donald TrumpFormer national security adviser and was pardoned for felony, Michael flynnProvided his latest conspiracy nonsense batch, this time COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) The pandemic was organized by an unnamed “global elite” who may be preparing to unleash a new virus on humankind.

“Their little plans for COVID didn’t work because there are too many citizen journalists in the world I call digital warriors, because they’re fighting for the truth. The truth is revealed about all the COVID monopoly politics we are facing, “Flynn told Alex Jones, a prominent conspiracy theorist at the Alex Jones Show.

“So I think what we see could be another type of virus that is being imposed on the public.”

“I hope it isn’t, but I’ve seen signs of that in some of the statements of these global elite types,” Flynn added.

Flynn, with a retired Lieutenant General of the Army Crusaders for the QAnon movementAfter receiving a pardon from President Trump at the end of last year Plead guilty to lying to the FBI.. His extreme rhetoric and conspiracy theoretic embrace have repeatedly made him a headline ever since.

During a lecture at the QAnon conference in May Hello U.S. military coup

In September he Proposed The COVID-19 vaccine is injected into salad dressings and can be imposed on people.

And last weekend He said America must have “one religion under God” at the far-right rally in Texas.

Flynn and Jones He is one of the recipients of a series of parliamentary subpoenas issued by the House Election Commission investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.Flynn was involved in a protest against the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and publicly Advised Trump to declare martial law It then forces the state to redo the vote in a way that makes Trump the winner on behalf of Democrat Joe Biden.

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