Michael Gove’s wife Sarah Vine talks about “pressure” on political marriage

Newspaper journalist Ms Vine has been married to Gove for 20 years-Paul Grover

Newspaper journalist Ms Vine has been married to Gove for 20 years-Paul Grover

Sarah Vine talked about the difficulty of maintaining a political marriage after being exposed to her relationship with Matt Hancock’s aides.

The wife of newspaper reporter Michael Gove wrote in a Sunday email column: “Climbing far above Westminster’s greasy poles changes people. When someone changes, you need something new from your partner.

“That is, someone who is as prostitute as his peers, who understands their brilliance, and who is decisively invested in it personally.

“I’m not the one who thinks it’s all tremendous annoyance and wants to get the right job without people sticking the camera into your face and commenting on bad choices in your footwear. . “

“The behavior may be shocking, but it’s perfectly predictable in the context,” said Vine, 54, who has been married to Cabinet Office Minister Gove for 20 years.

Ms. Vine in the photo also praised Samantha Cameron for forcing David to

Ms. Vine in the photo praised Samantha Cameron for forcing David to “dating night” with her when she lived in Downing Street-Julian Symons.

She chose former Prime Minister David Cameron as “unique” among all the senior politicians he met by “taking time for his family.”

Ms. Vine also praised Samantha Cameron with fForce David to go to “Date Night” When they lived in Downing Street between 2010 and 2016, and with her to ensure that he never forgets his “duty” to her and her children.

Wein mentioned both Hancock and former Prime Minister George Osborne. They left their wives and began relationships with the people they worked with as ministers.

She wrote: “Both Martha and Francis Osborne A very intelligent and attractive woman. So why might you ask, do they find themselves thrown away? I think the answer is simple.

“These women are about the same as when they got married, but their” politician men “are not. “

In Vine’s full-page column, a photo of Hancock’s divorced wife Martha kissing him on election day appears under the heading. “The problem with my wife who will be with you forever is that she knows that you are not the master of the universe.

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