Michael Lindell pulls My Pillow ads from Fox News


NSyPillow CEO Mike Lindell advertises his company Fox news Programming after the network refused to run one of his commercials.

The ad he tried to air promotes his cyber symposium event to discuss the 2020 elections. Lindel repeatedly claimed that the election was fraudulent, claiming that the Dominion Voting Systems machine was manipulated to steal a vote from former President Donald Trump. Election authorities and the company rejected the claim.

Lindel Claim According to The Wall Street Journal, commercials will not discuss fraudulent election claims, but he said the event proved fraudulent elections.Lindel too Offer Award $ 5 million to anyone attending an event that can disprove data that he claims to indicate election fraud.

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“Given the level of experience Lindel has built a brand by advertising on the number one cable news network, it’s a shame he chose to suspend commercial time on Fox News,” Lindel said. Describes the decision of.

Fox News hasn’t said whether they declined Lindel’s symposium ad, but the two have celebrated their prestigious year with the 2020 elections. Lindell and Fox News were both sued by Dominion Voting Systems.

In the case of Lindel, the company Proceeded He claimed more than $ 1 billion in damages in February, claiming that he “maliciously spread false allegations” about his activities during the election.Lindel then Filed his own proceedings against Company.

Dominion too Proceeded In March, Fox News said the company “sold false stories of fraudulent elections to serve its commercial purposes and seriously injured Dominion in the process.” moved The proceedings will be dismissed in May.

Since MyPillow pays out a lot of cash for ads on the network, pulling ads can hit Fox News where it hurts. According to Lindell, the company spent about $ 50 million on Fox programming in 2020 and already spent $ 19 million on network advertising this year.

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The Washington Examiner asked Fox News for further comment.

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