Michelle Obama opens up about menopausal weight gain

Michelle Obama has been candid about her body’s changes since reaching menopause.

The 58-year-old former First Lady people Of her menopause experience, in an effort to stigmatize the hormonal changes in women’s bodies from public discussion. And I know all my friends are going through it, and the information is sparse,” she explained.

The Chicago-born attorney has revealed that she and a close friend of hers attended a self-described fitness “boot camp” when she was living in the White House with her husband, former President Barack Obama.

Now, friends who used to make fun of Mr. Obama and call him “Drill Master” rely on each other as they go through menopause together.

“As we got together, moving and laughing together, I found myself taking a moment to talk about what we were going through. rice field. All of which inspire us. ”

According to Obama, her fitness training has changed as she’s gotten older. “Some are due to menopause, some are due to aging.” Recovery times are not the same.

Michelle Obama in

Michelle Obama in “Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama” (Paras Griffin / Getty Images)

Instead of pushing himself with hard cardio, Obama now focuses on stretching to maintain flexibility. It’s a balancing act between being gentle enough with your body,” she said.

Like many women going through menopause, Obama and some of his boot camp buddies are gaining weight.

“I’ve never weighed myself. I’m not trying to stick to numbers, but menopause causes this slow change without you realizing it,” Obama said. We’re all menopausal, we wear elastic (waist) bands and athleisure, and when you look up, you can’t match last year’s outfit.”

As for monitoring her weight gain, she said, “I need to be more careful.

Obama also told People that, overall, she feels “blessed” at this time in her life. These are the things I have to count my blessings on,” she said.

“I’m still working out,” she added.

President Obama, August 2020 Confided about menopause On The Michelle Obama Podcast, she revealed that she began using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) while living in the White House.

“I had some[hot flashes]before I started taking hormones,” Obama explained. I thought, ‘Well, this is crazy. i can’t do this.

Obama said several women in her husband’s White House staff were also experiencing hot flashes and other signs of hormonal changes. I decided to tell you what was going on.

“He could see it on someone because the sweat started pouring down. No, this is how we live,” Obama recalled. “I found out that there were some menopausal women on staff, so he didn’t break down. It was like, ‘Oh, turn on the air conditioner.’ ”

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