Michelle Steele wins race riddled with red scare, anti-Asian racism claims

Incumbent Rep. Michelle Steele (Republican, CA-45) will remain in the House of Representatives for California’s 45th District after winning one of the most high-profile districts in the recent midterm elections.

As of Monday night, Steele extended his lead over Democratic opponent Jay Chen by more than 13,000 votes. Associated Press to hold elections in her favor.

The campaign was reportedly one of the hottest in the midterm elections, with two Asian-American candidates competing in a landlocked district with many Asian-American constituencies. 45 districts, los angeles timesstraddles Los Angeles and Orange counties and includes the cities of Artesia, Cerritos, and Westminster.

there was steel in it first Korean American woman Elected to the House of Representatives in 2020. In her latest campaign, she portrayed Chen, a Taiwanese-American, as a pro-China, communist-sympathetic candidate, since he previously supported a Beijing-backed language and cultural education center. I put up a leaflet. .

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of “Red Bait” Flyer They were reportedly sent to the 45th District’s Vietnamese-American community, whose members include those who fled Vietnam’s communist regime. The flyer featured a doctored image of Chen in a classroom holding Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.”

Chen, on the other hand, defended himself by sharing the story of his grandmother fleeing communist China.of veteran — who has served in the Korean Peninsula and the Middle East — also advertised his status as a Naval Reserve Officer with a top-secret security clearance, suggesting this would be impossible for communist sympathizers.

Lindsay Barnes, Chen’s campaign manager, denounced the allegations as “clearly false.” In a statement, she said, “In just a few days, Michelle Steele, who has never worn a military uniform, preys on the generational trauma of the Vietnamese community and Taiwanese-American affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party.” and sought to tarnish the reputation and loyalty of the decorated Navy veterans to the United States.”

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Aside from being a communist ideal, Cheng has previously been accused of: mocking steel accentsan incident that sparked protests by more than 40 AAPI groups that accused him of racism.

“We will deal with it [racism]But usually you handle it from your race and other parties,” said AAPI United founder James Mai. fox news“But it was very surprising that it originated from another Asian-American who shouldn’t say things like this.”

Ultimately, a majority of voters chose to re-elect Steele, bringing the Republican Party significantly closer to a majority in the House.

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“I am humbled that voters have given me the opportunity to continue fighting for them in Washington, DC,” Steele said in a statement. Orange County Registry“I am steadfast in my commitment to serving working-class families, and will continue my efforts to reduce taxes, curb inflation, and stand up to the Communist Party of China. I would like to thank my family, friends, staff and volunteers who have worked so hard over the past year to ensure this.”

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