Michigan families believe their homes were the target of hate crimes

Two men and one woman, all white, are currently in custody

Michigan families believe that when three whites broke into their homes and attempted to commit violent crimes, they were targeted to become black.

by Click on Detroit On April 26th, a woman and two children aged 9 and 13 were at home. The 13-year-old awoke to the outside turmoil and awakened the 9-year-old. Their mother immediately entered the room, armed with guns to protect the family from outside turmoil, and fired bullets through bedroom windows.

The father worked in Detroit and left as soon as his wife called during the incident. The family is black and we believe their race was the cause of the attack.

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“I can hear everything, no matter what they are doing, they kick and hit the door,” the husband said. He went home immediately, but kept calling. “I hear a man saying,’I’m going to kill you.’ N-word and all that.”

“It was a hate crime,” continued the husband. “They knew we were a black family. I’m always on the bike.” He added, “my wife did what she had to do.” .. Click Detroit. “When I have children, I do what I have to do.”

Two white men and one white woman are now Oakland County Prison For being involved in a crime. The trio were reportedly armed with dogs, knives and bats while committing the crime.The· Detroit News All three reported being charged with burglary or burglary assistance and assistance, and ethnic threats.

The intruder was identified as Branden Odegor, Michael graves And Masipie Trigger.. According to investigators, they “threaten to kill residents, including two children.” The suspect was near the scene after his family called 911.

Michael Graves Maci Pietryga Branden Odegaard www.theGrio.com

Michael Graves Masipie Trigger Branden Odegor Mugshot, Via Oakland County Sheriff

Odegaard, 37, and Graves, 47, were also charged with one burglary for up to 20 years and $ 5,000 in felony. The 26-year-old Pietryga was also charged with assisting and assisting the burglary once. Felony can be fined up to 20 years and $ 5,000.

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“I want to make it clear that I don’t tolerate hate crimes at all,” said Oakland County Prosecutor. Karen McDonald, by Detroit News.. “There is no hatred here in Oakland County. I will do my best to hold people accountable for threatening or harming their inhabitants.”

McDonald’s recently marked the first 100 days after taking office. Introduce new policyIncludes a new hate crime unit.

“100 days after I swore, I turned my office priorities to focus on juvenile justice, narrowing racial disparities, and alternatives to imprisonment for low-level nonviolent crime. I’m working on implementing smarter solutions to achieve a safer and fairer community for everyone in Auckland County, “says McDonald’s.

According to the statement, the first ever hate crime unit will allocate important resources for the specific purpose of prosecuting and prosecuting hate crimes and ethnic threats.

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