Michigan father says his 6-year-old spent about $1,000 on Grubhub deliveries

Keith and Mason Stonehouse with text from Chase Bank

According to Keith Stonehouse, Chase turned down his son’s $500 pizza order due to suspected fraud, but the other courier still arrived.Keith Stonehouse

  • A Michigan man says his 6-year-old son spent nearly $1,000 on Grubhub deliveries on Saturday.

  • The order included chicken shawarma, chili cheese fries, and a nearly $500 pepperoni pizza.

  • The order could not be canceled, so the family shared the food with their neighbors and kept the leftovers.

A 6-year-old boy in the Detroit area used his father’s cell phone to order food from Grubhub for a party on Saturday night.

When Keith Stonehouse let his son Mason play a game on his phone before bedtime, he didn’t expect it to lead to multiple meal deliveries from local restaurants. Stonehouse documented his nearly $1,000 grocery shopping on Facebook.

“Imagine my shock last night when the delivery guys came round and round and dropped off the food on my doorstep,” Stonehouse wrote.

It happened when his wife, Christine, left Stonehouse at home with Mason to watch a movie.He said Local news agency Michigan Live It took a few deliveries for him to realize his son was behind every order. Chicken shawarma, chili cheese his fries, ice cream and more started arriving at the Stonehouse mansion.

“I received the food and it hit me,” Stonehouse told Michigan Live. I saw my mobile phone repeatedly displayed,” he said.

He added:

Reportedly, he was unable to cancel the order through the restaurant or Grubhub, so the food ended up being sent to neighbors and other family members’ refrigerators. Thankfully, Mason’s $439 pepperoni pizza order was rejected and flagged as suspicious by Chase, but not before the young foodie spent over $300 elsewhere. was.

“I tried to explain to him that this was not good and he stopped me by raising his hand and said, ‘Dad, is the pepperoni pizza ready yet?'” Stonehouse told Michigan Live. recalled, “I had to get out of the room. I didn’t know if I should be angry or laugh. I didn’t know what to do.”

The nearly $1,000 tab included the default 25% tip charged by Grubhub, so the delivery driver also benefited from Mason’s spending. Commenters on his post laughed and shared similar stories of their own, but Stonehouse said he wasn’t ready to laugh it all off just yet.

“While that was going on, I was probably 9.5 out of 10. The next day I was 8 and now I’m about 3,” he said.

He continued:

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