Michigan Hall of Justice, Parliament Partially Condemns COVID-19 Rise

Lansing, Michigan — Governor Gretchen Whitmer said at NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that the recent surge in coronavirus cases that made Michigan a national anomaly was previously ruled by the Michigan Supreme Court. Fight a pandemic that said it was the result of breaking the main law used in.

This is a deviation from Whitmer’s statement shortly after the October ruling, where she retains most of the powers associated with public health measures, but extends unemployment benefits and public meetings by local governments. He said other measures, such as holding, require legislative approval. Remotely. Whitmer has also voluntarily relaxed coronavirus restrictions in recent months, rather than in response to a court ruling, despite an increase in the number of cases.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer visits the Garden City Vaccination Clinic to directly review the collaboration and work being done to achieve the Governor's goal of immunizing 70% of Michigans 16 and older as soon as possible. Did.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer visits the Garden City Vaccination Clinic to directly see the cooperation and work being done to achieve the Governor’s goal of immunizing 70% of Michigans 16 and older as soon as possible. Did.

“I was sued by Congress and lost in the Republican-controlled (Michigan) Supreme Court. I don’t have all the exact same tools,” host Chuck Todd replays a clip of a previous statement. After that, Whitmer said. Todd suggested that she changed her tone about following science to deal with a pandemic.

Whitmer said on Sunday that Michigan still has “strong measures to keep people safe,” including face mask requirements, and “is still doing what we can.” She also quoted Michigan’s success in the early days of the pandemic when it took rigorous steps in its business and other activities. It is circulating.

Fauci, CDC urges containment measures

Just before Whitmer appeared on Sunday’s show, Todd interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In the midst of a surge, like Michigan, is “the best way to contain it” and “really shut down more things.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff issued a similar statement, urging Whitmer to impose additional restrictions.

Whitmer has so far increased vaccinations, put on masks for people, observed social distances, and took other steps as he resisted the call to impose new restrictions during the Michigan surge. She has quoted her strategy of fighting the surge by encouraging her to take action. Prevents the spread of the virus. Under the Whitmer Directive, all residents of Michigan over the age of 16 are eligible to be vaccinated from April 5th.

Whitmer pointed out that he was tired of the use of those powers and concerns about compliance among the residents of Michigan, rather than the lack of necessary powers. And she voluntarily regulated Michigan in recent months, despite rising cases and concerns about more contagious as well as even more deadly coronavirus variants. It was relaxed.

“I’m working with a small amount of free tools,” Whitmer said.

When asked by Todd if it would do more if he had the power to do it, Whitmer said, “In the end, this depends on everyone’s role.”

Emergency power was overthrown

Michigan Hall of Justice in early October [WithdrawaloftheGovernor’sEmergencyAuthorityActof1945asunconstitutional[1945年の知事の緊急権限法を違憲として取り下げたAfter a proceeding filed by the Republican-controlled state legislature.

At that time, the 1945 law was the primary tool Whitmer used to issue emergency orders to deal with pandemics. At the time of the court’s ruling, Whitmer generally held authority related to public health measures without the law, but other things such as extending unemployment benefits and holding public meetings by local governments. He said the measures would require parliamentary approval. Remotely.

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Her administration immediately issued a new order under public health law (another state law unaffected by court decisions). This is a reproduction of one of the main features of the regulations in place at the time: mask requirements, collection size restrictions, and restaurant capacity.

“I will continue to use all the tools I have at my disposal to protect the people of Michigan from the COVID-19 epidemic,” Whitmer said on October 22, after a court ruling.

As the number of cases increased in Michigan and across the country in November, Whitmer used these powers to take advantage of indoor dining, indoor contact sports, face-to-face high school classes, cinemas and bowling alleys. The operation with is temporarily prohibited. Whitmer later stated that these restrictions saved lives.

In mid-January, Whitmer announced that indoor fitness classes and non-contact sports could resume, on January 22nd. Whitmer announced that indoor meals can be resumed February 1, 25% capacity, 10 o’clock curfew.

And in early February After finding that highly contagious mutants are circulating In Michigan, the number of cases has decreased by nearly a month, Whitmer announced that it will lift the moratorium on indoor contact sports, In pressure from Republicans and advocates of high school sports. Despite rigorous testing requirements, these sports have been associated with many outbreaks ever since.

Early March, Whitmer further relaxed indoor dietary restrictionsNot only does it allow 50% capacity, but it also allows increased traffic in retail stores and large private gatherings. The order occurred despite the recent increase in weekly Michigan cases and growing concerns about highly contagious variants.

A vaccination strategy to get out of Michigan’s surge was on April 13 when the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration recommended suspending Johnson & Johnson’s “one-off” vaccine. Received a big setback. The most efficient way to increase vaccination rates quickly is with a single dose only. The announced suspension is a sign that confidence in vaccination has declined more extensively.

Senator Mike Shirkey (R-Clark Lake) and House Chair Jason Wentworth (R-Farwell) are very critical of Whitmer’s early attempts to control the virus and postpone the rising new restrictions. He praised the Governor’s decision to do so.

Republican-nominated judges, who had a 4 to 3 majority in the Michigan Hall of Justice in October, changed their balance as a result of the November elections. Democratic judges now have a 4 to 3 advantage.

Whitmer was the fourth appearance on Sunday’s most influential public relations television show, Meet the Press, since taking office in 2019. Whitmer reappeared in March and April 2020 during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Other parts of Detroit and Michigan are particularly harsh, and last October, federal and state officials failed to kidnap her by a man who opposed the restrictions she imposed to deal with the pandemic. Immediately after being charged with what they say is a plan.

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This article was originally published in Detroit Free Press: Whitmer: Michigan Parliament, Supreme Court Shares Condemnation of COVID Surge