Michigan man saves life in rape of Texas girl after removing braces with pliers

Michigan man Stalked and sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl in Lubbock, Texas A federal prosecutor for the Northern District of Chad Meacham, Texas, later told officials it wasn’t wrong.

Thomas John Boukamp, ​​22, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge James Wesley Hendrix.

A federal jury convicted Boukamp on 16 counts in June. 1 count of transportation for the purpose of engaging in sexual offenses of a minor, 1 count of travel for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual activity, 1 count of seduction of a minor, 2 counts of action is. Receipt of child pornography, 10 counts of creating and attempting to create child pornography, 1 count of cyberstalking.

According to federal officials, Boekamp met the child, known in court as Jane Doe, on the instant messaging platform Discord. she was still 13 years old.

The pair exchanged a series of messages, threatening to hurt her family if she revealed the budding “relationship”. took her to Michigan.

“After stalking and sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, this man had the courage to argue in federal court that their so-called ‘dating’ was consensual,” Meacham said Thursday. “The child who braved his abuser in court argued in plain language that his advances were not welcomed. By law, children as young as 14 consent to sexual contact with an adult,” said a news release. We are extremely proud of this child and hope this ruling will bring comfort to her and her family.

A teenage father testified at trial that his frightened daughter brought him a baby blanket when she fled to Michigan.

When she was in Michigan, Boekamp locked Jane Doe in her home, sexually assaulted her, forcibly removed her braces with pliers, strangled her, and beat her.

At Thursday’s sentencing hearing, prosecutors presented as evidence a recorded prison phone call in which Bukamp claimed he would not apologize for “raping a 14-year-old girl.”

“I like teenage girls! They don’t like it, but I like it,” he said of federal agents and prosecutors. I don’t care what the morals say, it’s not wrong, there’s nothing wrong with it, and they’re not going to convince me of its error, so theirs, I’m this I hate my country.”

When he recalled that authorities were monitoring his cell phone calls, he threatened, “If you listen to this, your family will die.”

At the hearing, the U.S. Assistant Attorney provided evidence of letters Bukamp wrote to his family, noting that the victim was believed to be a “betrayal” and asking for help in escaping from prison. did.

FBI Dallas Special Agent Matthew J. Desano said in a news release on Thursday, “This defendant has displayed reprehensible behavior, but the courage of his victims has given him tremendous courage to testify against him.” “The FBI and our law enforcement partners seek justice for victims and their families, hold perpetrators accountable, and protect others from harm.” I will do my best for you.”

The girl’s father has filed a statement with the court describing the trauma her daughter continues to endure.

“Her childhood ended too soon. He took it away from her,” he said in the letter. “She’s struggling with her self-esteem. I don’t know if she’ll ever be able to truly love herself again…I hope she’s okay. We know she will never be the same, we know she will never regain her innocence.”