Michigan police chase shoppers and shoot him in the parking lot

East Lansing, Michigan (AP) — Police answering a phone call about a shopper with a gun, chasing a man in a large Michigan store and shooting twice in a parking lot.

“You shot me for no reason,” said 20-year-old De Anthony Van Atten, who was handcuffed and lying on the ground while checking for injuries outside the Meijer store in East Lansing on April 25. I told the policeman.

East Lansing police released a video on Thursday from the camera they wore and the roof of the store, saying state police were in charge of the investigation.

“We take this situation very seriously,” said police chief Kim Johnson. “I know it’s late to reveal the facts about this incident, and we appreciate the continued patience of the community.”

Burnette Van Atten said her son was shot for “shopping among blacks.”

“He was running for fear of his life,” she said. Lansing State Journal.

The incident began after the 911 dispatcher said someone had filed a weapons complaint with Meyer.

The dispatcher was very specific, saying that a black 20-year-old man in a hat and mask pulled his gun out of the Chevrolet Equinox and headed for the store, except for his eyes.

“He isn’t threatening anyone with that,” said the dispatcher.

The officer was in the store looking for Van Atten. A few minutes later, a policeman confronted him and ordered the man to show his hand as he left the lobby with his bag. Foot tracking began from a row of parked cars.

“He has a gun! He has a gun!” Exclaimed the officer before Van Atten was shot.

Guns were found elsewhere in the parking lot under the car.

Van Atten was treated at the hospital and imprisoned for a probation breach unrelated to the incident. He is no longer in custody, police said.

Johnson said he couldn’t answer the question about the gun because it was part of a state police investigation.

Meyer discourages people from carrying guns openly, but does not ban them.

East Lansing officials said officials in Grand Rapids, Michigan, released a video to show to residents in officer-related shootings, similar to the justification quoted in April when authorities released a video of police killings. rice field Patrick Ryoya’s.

The case is also being investigated by state police.