Michigan ranked second in the College Football Playoff and fans believe it has been fixed

It seems there was nothing Michigan football Can be done to decisively rise from 2nd place to 1st place College football playoff ranking..

Sunday’s CFP Commission ranked Alabama 1st, Michigan 2nd, Georgia 3rd, and Cincinnati 4th (Notre Dame and Ohio, respectively). And 6). Bama plays Cincinnati in the Cotton Bowl, and Michigan and Georgia meet in the Orange Bowl on December 31st (7:30 pm).

Crimson Tide is a good example of being number one. He fulfilled one of the toughest schedules in the country and easily defeated previously ranked top team Georgia to win the SEC title.

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However, many college football followers are suspicious. UM did everything that was supposed to happen after that The only loss to Michigan,hit Ohio When Iowa It’s a one-sided matter. Earn 39 points in the Big Ten Championship Game It didn’t shake the group led by CFP Chairman Gary Barta, who saw his Hawkeye embarrassed in Indianapolis.

Broadcast personalities and fans wondered if the rankings were simply manipulated to avoid a Bama-Georgia rematch in the semi-finals. Others turned to the idea of ​​a national title game for all SECs.

These aren’t even Michigan fans … one guy is a back eye!

Suddenly everyone hates the SEC.

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This article was originally published in Detroit Free Press: Michigan is second in the College Football Playoff, fans don’t understand it

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