Mickelson was “excited” to return to Massachusetts for the US Open in anger over his decision to play LIV Golf


Phil Mickelson returns to Massachusetts this week to compete at the 122nd US Open at Brookline’s Country Club in anger over the recent decision to leave the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series PGA Tour on Monday. He said he was “excited” to do.

“I’m excited to be here in Boston’s country club,” Mickelson told reporters at a press conference. “The fans here are among the best in the world, providing an atmosphere that is second to none in all sports.”

51 years old was also asked about recently New York Post Story About the September 11 survivor group that tore him by partnering with LIV Golf, which is funded by the Saudi Arabian Sovereign Wealth Fund.

At a press conference, the reporter asked Mickelson about the story. “As you know, you have been criticized by many, as you mentioned. Brian Wacker of the New York Post said that the 9.11 family told you and others, of course, Osama bin Laden and Saudi Arabia. He reported that he sent 15 of the 19 hijackers he sent, a letter hinting at what you are saying now. Partners with them are happy with your business with them. Of course, Terry Strada was the one who wrote this letter, and her husband boarded a Boston plane and flew to the World Trade Center. “

Mickelson says, “I would like to say to the Strada family, to everyone who lost their loved ones and lost friends in 9/11, I say I have a deep and deep sympathy for them. I say that enough. I can’t emphasize. I have deep sympathy and empathy for them. “

Mickelson went on to say that the country club is in “untouched form”, which should provide a “brutal test of golf.”

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