Microsoft announced the pricing of Office 2021, the home student version is US$150

October 5th is Microsoft’s big day, except for Windows 11 will be onlineIn addition, Microsoft will also bring a new generation of Office 2021.Now it’s not a few days since it went online, Microsoft finallyRevealed the pricing of the two versions of Office 2021, And its new features. Office 2021 Home Student Edition includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams, and will launch PC and Mac versions, priced at US$149.99; while the Home Business Edition is priced at US$249.99, which is more than the Home Student Edition Outlook, and the licenses available for use in the business environment.

On the whole, Office 2021 is mainly the appearance of a new look, reverting to a lower-key color scheme, and a window with rounded corners and other design languages ​​consistent with Windows 11. Some of the functions of Microsoft 365 that originally belonged to the subscription version will also come to the “buy-out version”, such as real-time collaboration, and instant notification when a document is edited by others. This should further unify the experience of using all products in the Office family.

For comparison, Microsoft 365 is a monthly subscription fee of US$7 or a year of US$70 (family subscription is US$10/month or US$100/year), which means that Office 2021 home student version is about two times less than Microsoft 365 A little more years. But including PC, Mac and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Editor and Microsoft Family Safety, plus PC version of Access and Publisher, the content is much richer.