Microsoft brings updated mail, calendar and computer apps to Windows 11 testers


Windows 11 Calculator


Microsoft updated some of the pre-installed Windows 11 apps earlier. First of all, it is a new screenshot tool that borrows many functions from the existing “Snipping and Drawing” app. Just press the Win+Shift+S key combination (same as the existing clipping and drawing) to start, and select the screen range you want to capture, and then you can add marks or annotations. On Windows 11, the snipping tool has also added a dark mode, and can be set independently of the dark mode of the system.

Windows 11 Snipping Tool


Other updates include the Mail and Calendar app in Windows 11, but it sounds like only minor changes in appearance, including “rounded corners and other adjustments,” to make them more in line with the overall style of the new OS. Finally, in addition to the system-independent dark mode of the computer, Microsoft has also rewritten the computer app in C#, hoping that more people will assist in the development of its functions on GitHub.

According to Windows senior project manager Dave Grochocki, before Windows 11 is officially launched later this year, it will continue to gradually update the pre-loaded apps in Windows 11. If you want to try it, you must join the developer version of the Windows Insider Program.