Microsoft buys Clipchamp, a browser video editing software company


Microsoft Clipchamp

Microsoft Clipchamp

Microsoft’s most recent “purchase”,I bought a simple web video editing service called “Clipchamp”. In the press release, Microsoft stated that Clipchamp’s strengths lie in “combining the simplicity of web apps and the powerful GPU acceleration capabilities of PCs”, bringing non-professional workers “capabilities that were only available to professional video editing software in the past.”

Both parties did not disclose the details of the agreement, but according to CNBC According to the information, Clipchamp had 17 million registered users in July, an annual increase of 54%. Among all the services, Clipchamp found that the fastest-growing output is 9:16 video output, which is obviously captured by mobile phones and output to mobile services such as TikTok and Instagram.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed in what way Clipchamp will exist in Microsoft, but it is not surprising that it should be very suitable to join the Microsoft 365 cloud service. A Microsoft spokesperson also told CNBC that the company will introduce a mechanism to convert existing Clipchamp users into Microsoft subscribers, so it sounds like Clipchamp will not exist independently of Microsoft’s services.