“Microsoft Flight Simulator” reduces the installation size from 170GB to 83GB

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The installation size of modern games is getting bigger and bigger, and the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” with a large number of 3D objects is one of the largest. After several expansions, the installation size exceeds 170GB. This is not only time-consuming to download (if the network is not full, it will cost money), but also the hard disk capacity is limited, this same space may be able to install two or three AAA masterpieces.

To this end, Asobo isLast updateIn China, “Microsoft Flight Simulator” was “weight loss” and the installation size was reduced by half to 83GB. This is still quite huge, but at any rate 80GB was returned to the user. However, from the description of the updated document, it is hard to see whether this is just moving more content to streaming or downloading after the fact, or using compression or optimization techniques to reduce the size of the same content. If it is the former, the game will get bigger and bigger as long as you play more.

At the same time, the update instructions also provide some preparations for the Xbox version to go online, such as adding instructions on how to transfer to Xbox in the developer tools, and examples of how to optimize the model for Xbox, and so on. In the developer Q&A this week, the boss of “Microsoft Flight Simulator” Jorg Neumann still did not give the Xbox version launch date, and joked that Phil Spencer would kill him if he did, but he still mentioned the beta version launch. The date will be decided in the next few weeks.

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