Microsoft is reportedly preparing to acquire Nuance speech recognition giant at a high price



Microsoft came to buy the company again, and the amount of funds involved reached as high as 16 billion US dollars!BloombergIt is learned that Microsoft is entering into a “quite in-depth” acquisition process with Nuance, a giant in the speech recognition industry, and an announcement will be made as soon as this week. We are inquiring about the incident with Microsoft and Nuance.

The source did not disclose the reasons for Microsoft’s proposed acquisition, but we can guess through Nuance’s business. This company is good at using AI-driven speech recognition, and Microsoft seems to be able to strengthen their AI attributes in various products.In other words, Microsoft itself and Nuance also have some health technologiesCooperation projects, Which includes automatically translating the conversations between doctors and patients into appropriate medical record files.

Nuance’s voice-to-text tool Dragon Anywhere is one of their few consumer-oriented products. According to past experience, it may be affected when Microsoft restructures its product line, and may even be integrated into other Microsoft products.

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