Microsoft is rumored to be creating a new Windows 10 store

A Microsoft logo is pictured on a store in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, US, January 25, 2021. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri-RC26FL9YFO9Q

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

according to Windows Central According to the latest news, Microsoft may be creating a brand new store for Windows 10. Its interface will be redesigned, and some features that will benefit developers will be added at the same time. First of all, in the UI part, the design of the new store will be more modern, and the overall style will be close to the Sun Valley update that is expected to be launched later this year. The layout of the elements in the store will be adjusted, the animation will be smoother, and the shape of the icons will be renewed.

For developers, there will be no need to make app installation packages in MSIX format in the future, as long as they prepare .EXE or .MSI, they can be put on the store. At the same time, you can also arrange apps to go online or update through your own content distribution network, and enable your own or third-party in-app purchase systems (that is, Microsoft won’t get it?). Not surprisingly, Microsoft will also put its own Edge, Office, Teams and other software in the new store.

According to the source, in the future, Microsoft will push updates for new stores every month to add new features and improve the experience. It is said that the experience of downloading and installing large-scale software will become more stable than in the past. The current guess is that Microsoft will announce this series of changes at the Build 2021 conference in May. The specific launch time may be this fall, which means that the new store may arrive with Sun Valley. In addition, there should be corresponding updates after the old version of Windows 10.