Microsoft is rumored to have suspended development of Windows 10X

Surface Neo

Surface Neo

At a press conference in the fall of 2019, Microsoft first publicized Surface Duo, Surface Neo, and the Windows 10X operating system that takes Windows in a new direction. Among them, the Surface Duo, which uses the Android system, is already on the market, but Windows 10X and the corresponding Surface Neo have been missing. Now there are rumors that Windows 10X may be dead.

according to Petri It is reported that Microsoft will not launch Windows 10X this year. In fact, it may never be. As an alternative, Microsoft will integrate some of the functions developed for Windows 10X into Windows 10. Windows 10X was originally supposed to be a more modern, lightweight operating system optimized for dual screens. But it seems that the feedback Microsoft received after the trial pointed out that although most users like these new features, they don’t want to get them on another operating system. Therefore, there is the idea of ​​transferring elements including UI to Windows 10. Microsoft declined to comment on the development status of Windows 10X.

In addition, Windows 10X (and dual-screen devices) itself is a concept product launched by the PC industry to test the water temperature in order to save the declining sales at that time. Last year, due to the epidemic situation, PC sales reached a ten-year peak, but consumer demand is still concentrated on low- and medium-end ordinary notebooks. Meeting these needs has become the top priority for notebook vendors, and perhaps one of the reasons why Windows 10X was shelved.

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