Microsoft launches child mode of Edge browser in the US

Microsoft Edge Kids Mode


Microsoft isEdge browser child mode that started testing in mid-February, Has now officially launched in the United States. This mode is mainly for parents who share their tablets or desktops with children. Just click on their avatar in Edge, select the child mode, and then set the age group (5~8 years old or 9~12 years old). That’s it. After entering the child mode, the Edge browser will automatically full screen, and prevent the start menu and toolbar from appearing, so that children cannot switch out of the Edge browser. Of course, Microsoft will have a “white list” of websites that you can go to. If you want to view websites outside the white list, you need to enter the Windows 10 PIN by the parent, and leaving the child mode also requires the parent’s PIN.

Microsoft Edge kids mode


Children can set their own wallpaper background themes, some of which come from cooperation with Disney, or they can be changed to their favorite colors. For slightly older age groups, you can read news with appropriate content in the new tab page. Compared with Google’s family mode, Edge’s child mode is simple to set (no need to open a new account) and easy to activate. It should be a little attractive for parents who find it troublesome or just activate it temporarily.

However, Edge’s child mode also has its limitations-although it can prevent the start menu from appearing when the mouse is moved to the edge of the screen, it can still be switched through the Windows key of the keyboard or the Alt+Tab window. Exit the Edge browser. Perhaps Edge is still limited in what Windows can do, but parents who use this mode should be careful that children with more “adventurous spirit” escape from the child mode.

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