Microsoft may let your old PC install Windows 11, but there will be no Windows 11 updates


Windows PC

Windows PC

The next generation of Windows 11 has certain hardware requirements. Although Microsoft has recently relaxed allowing users to download ISO installations by themselves, future updates will not be pushed to these PCs, and regardless of drivers, security updates, etc. There will be. In other words, Microsoft wants everyone to upgrade the specifications of the PC.

Microsoft rejected us and first reported The Verge However, they have disclosed the reason why the old PC can install the Windows 11 ISO file before, because they hope that enterprises can test the new system on the current computer.

So what kind of PC can be upgraded to Windows 11?MicrosoftIt means that the minimum requirements are 64-bit processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space, and also need to support UEFI, secure boot capability and TPM 2.0.If you still don’t know whether your PC is eligible, you can use the tools provided by Microsoft for testing. If you want to upgrade, there is also a copyModel listCan refer to.