Microsoft officially acquired voice recognition giant Nuance for US$19.7 billion

MS x Nuance

MS x Nuance

The rumors were quickly confirmed, just as Microsoft officiallyAnnounce, Will spend 19.7 billion US dollars to acquire voice recognition giant Communications (the second largest transaction in Microsoft history). Through this move, Microsoft hopes to use Nuance’s technology to strengthen its own cloud, AI, and medical services, with a particular emphasis on medical care. In fact, the two parties have already had some in-depth cooperation in this area before. “AI is the most important development direction of current technology, and medical treatment is its most important application field.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Nuance can provide the AI ​​level required to realize medical technology, and it is also the practical application of enterprise-level AI. pioneer.”

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Prior to this, Nuance has also made achievements in voice control solutions, and has also developed a voice recognition engine for Siri. I hope that these experiences will also be used by Microsoft in the future. After joining Microsoft, Nuance’s CEO Mark Benjamin will still hold the original position and will also become a member of Microsoft’s cloud department. What changes will happen to Nuance’s consumer business is currently unknown. It is estimated that most of them will also belong to Microsoft’s many services.