Microsoft Outlook for iOS adds voice search, meeting scheduling and letter writing

Microsoft Outlook iOS


MicrosoftAdded three new “voice input” functions to the iOS version of Outlook, Allowing you to use Cortana to perform voice searches, schedule meetings, and even write letters. Microsoft also promised to bring these features to the Android version of Outlook at a later date.

To use these functions, first press the plus sign floating in the lower right corner, and then select “Use Voice”. Then you can use natural language to search for letters, ask about the itinerary on the calendar, or schedule meetings and other events on the calendar. At the same time, the voice recognition function allows you to directly use voice to reply and write letters, and even add additional files to the letter. Behind these functions is Microsoft’s Graph tool-it can understand the semantics behind the framework, for example, when you join a colleague in a meeting, it can understand the scope of “colleagues”, and found in many similarly pronounced names Come right (e.g. John / Jon).

Microsoft’s recent direction is to position Cortana as a productivity assistant, rather than a general-purpose assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, so the Cortana app on iOS and Android has been shut down earlier.

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