Microsoft will end the special refund policy for Xbox Digital “Cyberpunk 2077”

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red

During the period when “Cyberpunk 2077” was dismissed due to poor performance and bugs, Sony chose to remove the game from the PlayStation Store and provide refunds to players who purchased it. Although Microsoft did not release the game The existing refund policy, which was removed from the Microsoft Store but still expanded, provides a full refund option for each player who purchased the game on the Microsoft Store.

Now after two major updates and many patches, the game has gradually returned to the right track, and returned to the Sony PlayStation store in the first two days.Microsoft also chose to end the special refund policy of “Cyberpunk 2077” at this time, Stated on the support page that starting from July 6, the refund policy will return to normal regardless of whether it is a new purchase or an already purchased player. In addition to no longer guaranteeing a refund, it will also be subject to a non-refundable 14 days after purchase.

For CD Projekt Red, this means that “Cyberpunk 2077” has returned to “normal” in the two major console game stores. I hope that the game can get on track and leave the previous black history behind.

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