Microsoft will no longer provide the Chromebook version of the Office app



Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

If you are a user who uses the Office app on a Chromebook, your experience may soon be “degraded”.According to the company About Chromebooks Confirmed that the Office app on its Chromebook will be removed from the Google Play Store on September 18, but the Android version will not be affected.

As an alternative, users can use the web version of the web app, but in this way they will lose the ability to work offline. Microsoft did not elaborate on the reason for the cancellation of the app, but only stated that this is to “provide the best experience for Chrome OS / Chromebook users.” In fact, you can use the web version of the web app on Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, etc., but obviously the small screen of a mobile phone requires a special interface design, and Chromebooks are generally the size of a laptop screen. From this point of view, keeping the Android (mobile phone) version, but removing the Chromebook version is also reasonable, but Microsoft is going to compete with G Suite on the Chromebook, I am afraid it is a bit more difficult.