Microsoft wins an AR headset contract with the U.S. Army for a total of 21.88 billion U.S. dollars

HoloLens US Army

HoloLens US Army

The U.S. Department of Defense earlier announced a contract with Microsoft for a total of 21.88 billion U.S. dollars., Microsoft will provide up to 120,000 AR devices for use by US Army units in the next 10 years.

Microsoft previously reached a $480 million agreement with the Department of Defense in 2018 to develop an “integrated visual enhancement system (IVAS)” based on HoloLens headsets and Azure cloud services. This system claims to be able to “strengthen situational awareness in various situations, assist in information sharing and assist decision-making.” Basically, it allows commanders to share information with individual soldiers more easily and provides night vision capabilities.

Microsoft also confirmed to Bloomberg that these devices will be manufactured in the United States, but it is still unknown when they will come into the hands of soldiers on the front line, or even on the battlefield.

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