Microsoft’s Edge browser now makes it easier to share web pages between devices

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

according to Windows Latest It is reported that Microsoft has begun to gradually introduce the web sharing function in the latest official version of the desktop computer, allowing you to simply transfer the web pages browsed on the desktop to your laptop or mobile phone. It seems that it is not yet open to everyone (the editor’s Edge does not), so if you haven’t seen it yet, you may have to wait patiently for a while.

Once the function is updated, you can find a new button representing web sharing in the address bar. After pressing it, a list of devices with Edge installed and logged into the same Microsoft account will appear. After selecting the device, if the receiving end is an Android or iOS system, the Edge push notification will pop up on the device; if the receiving end is a Windows system, it will appear in the notification sidebar. In addition, you can also right-click on any link to open the menu, and there will also be an option to send the link directly. It should be noted that since web sharing is currently only available on the official version of the desktop, if you want to send a web page to a mobile device, you must install the Canary beta version of Edge on it.

Microsoft’s action here is slow, and other opponents have taken a lot of shots. As early as 2019, Chrome and Firefox have brought similar tab transfer functions. But it is better to be late than not. For users who use the Edge browser on all devices, this should still be a very useful little feature.

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