“Midnight” Call to Lottery Hotline Net Women in North Carolina $ 1 Million

There’s never been a bad time to know that you’ve won $ 1 million, One woman in North Carolina It says it happened to her “at midnight”.

Adrian Win of Greensboro said he couldn’t sleep after buying the Mega Millions lottery and remembered that there was a 24-hour lottery hotline to confirm the winning numbers.

“I woke up … and I just thought:” Call me to check your ticket, “Win said in a news release of the NC Education Lottery.

“I called about five times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or doing anything. When they kept saying the same thing, I said,” Oh, what the hell, oh, What a hell! “

Win then did exactly what you imagined: “Jumped up and down on my bed like a trampoline.”

“If I could cartwheel without breaking what I had,” she said in the release.

The lottery says Win earned money (matching five numbers) on Tuesday with a $ 2 ticket, surpassing the “1 / 12.6 million” odds.

Lottery officials reported that her ticket was “one of the two highest award-winning tickets in the country.” Officials said she bought the ticket at the Kwik JP Express store in Greensboro.

Win collected her money on Wednesday and took a lump sum of $ 707,501 after state and federal taxes, officials said.

Her current plan is to “repay the bill, buy a new home for the family and invest the rest,” she told lottery officials.

The Mega Millions jackpot was $ 168 million as of Thursday night, and winning means breaking the odds of “one in 302 million,” officials said.