Mike Lindell’s Promised Election Reversal Proceedings Turns into 96 Hours Pillow Sale

Pillowman Mike Lindell instead “reduced” the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and promised to file an explosive lawsuit to bring Donald Trump back to the White House. Turned fraudulent elections into a four-day promotion.

“I would like to show you all the Black Friday specials at My Pillow,” Lindel said on Friday morning, rattling the sales of pillows and sheets. “This is the lowest price in history.”

He then gave a long explanation of why his sheets were made abroad from Egyptian cotton instead of US cotton, and displayed on the screen below him “Up to 66% discount on over 110 products”. bottom.

“We’re overkill to put things up for sale for Black Friday,” Lindel said.

Lindel has been coordinating proceedings among as many as 30 state prosecutors since the summer, claiming to have filed a proceeding directly with the U.S. Supreme Court at 9 am on Tuesday, spending a long Thanksgiving weekend explaining it. There is. File a proceeding during an ad-free webcast.

Instead, no proceedings have been filed, and the show, which lied the same about Lindel’s one-year-old election, prominently featured Lindel’s pillow ad with its own “promotion code.”

“We offer the best gifts ever, at the best prices ever,” Lindel promised in a recurring ad.

Brannon Houze, co-host of Lindell TV, also explained the purpose of the promo code provided. “This allows us to know who is watching the 96-hour” Thanks-athon. ” “

Lindel, an unofficial adviser to Trump who took a note recommending the White House to declare a decree on President Trump’s last day, asked the HuffPost about his failure to file a proceeding and airing an ad during his marathon. Webcast, even though he didn’t answer and said he wouldn’t.

Recently, Lindel claims that the Attorney General, who was trying to sign his proceedings, was pressured by Republican National Committee chairman Ronna McDaniel to do so.

“Ronna McDaniel should resign today,” he said Thursday.

An RNC spokesperson said it had nothing to do with McDaniel’s failure to have Lindel’s Attorney General sign the Supreme Court’s complaint. (At the end of Friday, McDaniel hadn’t resigned either.)

On Friday, Lindel starred in a podcast by Trump adviser Steve Bannon, where he was asked, “Where do you stand with these AGs?”

Lindel did not raise McDaniel and instead said that only Alabama Republican Steve Marshall categorically refused to be involved in the proceedings. “Most of them, Mike, let’s get together after this Thanksgiving week,” he told Banon.

Mike Lindell and President Donald Trump, a US manufacturer and founder of My Pillow.  An event held at the White House in 2017. Lindel serves as Trump's informal adviser and continues to amplify his lies about the 2020 elections.  (Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP via Getty Images)

President Donald Trump and My Pillow founder Mike Lindell at a US manufacturer’s event at the White House in 2017. Lindel serves as Trump’s informal adviser and continues to amplify his lies about the 2020 elections. (Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP via Getty Images)

Lindel initially said the Supreme Court had promised to “revive” Trump in August, then moved that goal to September, which would be achieved by the end of 2021 as a result of the proceedings.

Lindel’s access to Trump and his White House was instigated by Trump’s last attempt to retain power, despite losing 7 million votes in the 2020 elections, on January 6th Capitol. Attracted the attention of the House Selection Committee investigating attacks on. The August 25 letter from the Commission to the National Archives requires all Trump White House documents with Lindel from April 2020 to January 20, 2021.

Lindel continues to erroneously claim that China has hacked votes in all states in collusion with election machine makers and reversed the vote from Trump to Biden.

“Donald Trump won the election with millions of votes,” Lindel said late on Thanksgiving night.

Voting machine makers Dominion and Smartmatic have sued Lindel and Protrump media such as Fox News, Newsmax and OAN for defamation. The proceedings kept Lindel away from those media and continued to spread his lies, leaving only his own website and Banon podcasts.

“I’m the only one who says Dominion anymore,” Lindel complained about media blackouts Thursday.

Meanwhile, his relationship with Trump remains strong. Trump sat down to record a 30-minute interview with Lindel earlier this month and aired on Lindel’s website. Meanwhile, the two praised each other, repeating Trump’s false claims about the election. “You did some great things,” Trump said.

In January, Trump became the first president to refuse to peacefully transfer power to his successor in the 232-year US elections.

He spent weeks attacking the legitimacy of November 3, 2020 and began to lie before dawn on November 4, in a losing contest. He really won the “landslide” and his victory was him. These falsehoods continued through a series of unsuccessful proceedings disputing the results in a few states.

Trump and some of his advisers even talked about using the army by invoking rebellion laws and proclaiming martial law despite losing elections.

However, military leaders had previously revealed that they would not be involved in the political process, so after the electoral college finally voted on December 14 and officially announced Biden’s victory, Trump replaced him. Biden turned to final plans to put pressure on his Vice President, canceling the votes cast by millions of voters in several states that Biden won, and proforma parliament for the results of the January 6 elections. To declare Trump the winner during certification.

Trump asks his followers to come to Washington that day, and then threatens Vice President Mike Pence to do what Trump wanted to tens of thousands of people who appeared to march to the Capitol. rice field. “When you catch someone in a scam, you are allowed to follow very different rules,” Trump said.

A crowd of supporters he instigated attempted to place his bid by raiding the building. They even chanted “Hang Mike Pence” after the Vice President refused to comply with Trump’s request.

Police officers were assaulted and died during the riots, and the other four committed suicide in the days and weeks that followed. One of the mobs was killed when climbing into the front room, where house members were still evacuating from a broken window, and the other three in the crowd died during close quarters.

The House of Representatives impeached Trump for inciting the attack, but all Senate Republicans, except seven, led by minority leader Mitch McConnell, chose not to convict him.

Trump and his allies are currently engaged in a campaign to portray the shot mob Ashli ​​Babbitt as a martyr and hundreds of people arrested as victims of political persecution. Trump continues to propose to run for the Republican nomination in 2024, spending his Save American Commission money to continue spreading the same falsehoods that culminated in the January 6 violence. I’m using.

This article was originally published HuffPost Was updated.

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