Mike Pence gets the dullest of real-life checks about Donald Trump and his base

manager Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) On Friday, waking up to former Vice President Mike Pence and stepping up to Donald Trump, the former President’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, and the deadly US Capitol. Encouraged to tell the full truth about his involvement in the riots.

Pence is already a Republican Republican Refuse to choose Trump over democracy And nothing to lose, Ruskin insisted on MSNBC’s “all-in with Chris Hates.” Pence says TrumperrorPence claims that President Joe Biden’s 2020 victory may have been overturned with one hand.

Ruskin said Trump and Pence’s “very legal” commentary on January 6 could be an effort to show favor to the former president’s base. But they hate Pence more than I do, “Democrats cracked.

“They called him a traitor that day. They were chanting,’Hang Mike Pence!'” He confirmed the reality. “Pence needs to wake up and understand that our entire constitutional democracy is currently under attack. Donald Trump is certainly a threat. He says it’s Donald Trump’s rest. Do you think it was a kind of good behavior in terms of the day? “

Watch the interview here:

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