Mike Pence tries to spin the January 6 riot and gets a brutal reminder accordingly

Critics rounded up by former Vice President Mike penceMonday’s claim that continued media coverage of the January 6 riots was aimed at insulting supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Pence, who starred in Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, said the press continued to focus on the deadly US Capitol riots by Trump fan mobs simply “from the failed agenda of the Biden administration. He suggested that it was an attempt to “distract attention.”

“”They will use that day to insult the character and intent of the 74 million Americans who supported our administration in 2016 and 2020, believing that we can grow stronger and prosper again. “, Said Pence.

Pence himself was on Twitter during violence when Trump supporters argued to hang him because the then president publicly accused him of failing to overturn the 2020 election results. I remembered the danger I faced.

“No, Mike Pence. We’re not focused on making Trump supporters” sneaky “on January 6,” the former lawmaker replied. Joe walsh (R-Ill.), A favorite of the former far-right tea party, a critic of the voice of the former president.

“Mike Pence, your life was at stake. We’ll focus on January 6th to prevent it from happening again,” he continues, many others on the platform. Repeated what he pointed out.

This article was originally published HuffPost Was updated.

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